Sometimes I look around social media, and I feel like it’s just becoming clone accounts, especially in the health and fitness space. . I’m guilty of it too. It happens easily and really without you even noticing. We fall victim to the comparison game, and slowly we become and do what everyone else is doing in an attempt to stay relevant, fool the “algorithm,” and avoid the dreaded “shadow-ban.” . Do you hear the insanity in that? We change who we are to stay relevant. Relevant to what? And for what? What’s going to come from it long term? Trick the algorithm how? By being just like everyone else? . Stop the insanity. . Use your platform to show your real life. Use your platform to educate and provide value to others. Use your platform to inspire hope and light the path for someone else’s journey. . Being and showing who you truly are IS relevant. There’s only one of you! So embrace who and what you are and follow your passion and path. . It’s something I admire so much about my Hannah. She gives zero fucks about being anyone but who she is. She makes no apologies for it and stands firm and confident in her own identity as a 16-year old strong, beautiful, smart, and independent woman. She may not have a million friends. She may not win Homecoming Queen. But what you see is what you get with her, and those lucky enough to be in her circle are true and loyal friends, and they bless her life richly without drama and fake BS. . Wear your crown and sash, friends. Put out the content YOU think matters. Be and show who you really are. That’s relevant💞