This is where I found my strength many moons ago. . The gym was my escape from the painful and terrifying parts of my life. . For a few hours each night, I could forget about what seemed to be the insurmountable struggles in my path. I could let go of the anger, resentment, anxiety, sadness, darkness, and confusion. . This is where the Warrior was made. . This is where she prepared for battle. This is where she sharpened her arrow and polished her armor. This is where she strengthened her mind and body. This is where she silenced her doubt and worry. . The battlefield rises before us each day. A true Warrior marches forth, knowing the reality of what lies ahead. She understands that the only easy day was yesterday, and every moment has prepared her for today. With courage and confidence, she finds her cadence. It’s time to go to war. . Lifting up my tiny Warrior today. I fight for her. If you are the praying kind, I’d humbly ask you keep us in yours today around 2pm as we go through a few hours of tests♥️ . Top @balanceathletica