The truth will set you free. But first it’ll piss you off… or make you cry. Or hurt your heart. Or scare you. Or anger you. Or motivate you. The reaction to truth is a funny thing. Sometimes there is deeper response to a truth than to a lie. Have we become some soft, so dysfunctional that we would rather be told a lie than to have the honest truth spoken to us? What about the lies we tell ourselves? Maybe this is where it starts…with the lies we speak into existence. In accepting the lies we tell ourselves, we find no fault with others doing the same. . We tell ourselves that we are happy when we truly aren’t. We tell ourselves we are okay doing the jobs that we do when deep down they aren’t fulfilling. We tell ourselves we are content in the friendships and relationships we have when that couldn’t be further from the truth. We tell ourselves we are happy with the person looking at us in the mirror when the truth is we aren’t. We tell ourselves that the lifestyle we live is healthy when in reality, we are killing ourselves softly.We accept these lies daily. . So in return, we set a standard that it is okay for others to be dishonest with us. We seek out “truths,” when really all we want to hear is what we want to hear. We accept lies as a way to avoid the cold, hard reality- things we don’t feel strong enough to handle. We ignore warning signs, dismiss our own intuition (the worst), and write things off as silly, overreacting, or dramatic even though we feel it to be true in our bones. This leads to self-doubt and questioning, trust issues within ourselves and with others. We also don’t look for fear of what we may find. Maybe we don’t push hard enough to seek the truth because the truth isn’t what we really want to know. Because if we know, we have to do something with that information. We have to act. . Speak truths to yourselves and to others. Life is too short for half-truths and lies. Set the standard that honesty is all you will tolerate. But to do this, you have to start telling yourself the truth and take an honest inventory of your own life and call yourself out on your own bullshit. The truth will set you free. The lies will shackle you.