Ask and you shall receive…Be careful what you ask for. Be careful what you put out into the universe. More times than not, you will get exactly what you ask for, so be specific. Be accurate. Be concrete. But you also must be ready to receive, and you must open your heart and life to accept what you have put out there. You have to live as if you already have it. And if you are blocking that energy by holding on to things you should have let go of long ago, you will never get it. . I have written several times over the last few months that 2019 has felt strange to me. Maybe it’s some weird 3rd year slump (my business) or maybe it’s some midlife crisis (my age) or maybe it’s some weird energy (my own vibration) that has thrown me off course. Things I thought I knew, I now find myself doubting. Choices I have made, I now question if they were right. Paths I have blazed, I now look back and find myself lost in the woods. People I have given to, I now wonder if I’m simply being taken advantage of. I feel as if I question everything and trust no one. Do you ever feel that way…as if you are suddenly in too deep and aren’t sure if you are supposed to have faith and keep swimming or just fall back on what you once knew and turn tail and head back to shore? If you haven’t, I assure you, it’s a messy and confusing place to be in, and I’m not quite sure I can direct you with confidence. It’s like that old phrase, “the more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.” . But getting back to my original thought- be careful what you ask for. In my season of confusion, I have asked repeatedly for clarity and affirmation. I have asked for clarity in my heart for things that have troubled me. I have asked for clarity in the decisions I make and in the ones I have already made. And I have asked for affirmation…affirmation for things I have felt so deeply but not really known, with no real way to prove them. I have asked for affirmation of my path and the direction I must go. I have asked for affirmation to ease my troubled mind and my burdened soul. And oddly enough, at the height of my internal chaos, in the last few days (cont. in comments)